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    How to maintain high pressure magnetic drive pump?

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    High pressure magnetic pump (also known as high pressure magnetic drive pump) is mainly composed of several parts such as pump head, magnetic actuator (magnetic cylinder), motor, base and other parts. High pressure magnetic pump as the key to today's green petrochemical industry, what needs to be noted in the daily production maintenance to extend the life of the pump?

    The first is to prevent the entry of particles, high-pressure magnetic drive pump to withstand the significant daily pressure, in the operation of the machine magnetic pump bearing material is composed of high-density carbon, such as in the event of a pump break or pump impurities, then a long time magnetic pump bearings are prone to damage. Cylindrical coupling inside and outside the magnetic rotor coaxiality requirements if not guaranteed, will also directly affect the life of the bearing. Note that no ferromagnetic impurities and particles are allowed to enter the magnetic drive and the bearing friction pair. After conveying the medium that is easy to crystallize or precipitate, it should be flushed in time (fill the pump cavity with clean water after stopping the pump, and discharge cleanly after 1min of operation to protect the service life of the sliding bearing. When conveying media containing solid particles, it should be filtered at the inlet of the pump flow pipe.

    high pressure magnetic drive pump

    The second focus on preventing demagnetization, if the magnetic torque of the permanent magnet must not be designed too small, it is likely to lead to magnetic field instability and produce demagnetization phenomenon. High-pressure magnetic pump should also be operated under the specified temperature conditions, the media temperature is strictly prohibited to exceed the standard, to extend its service life. Based on this phenomenon, the magnetic pump isolation sleeve can be installed on the outer surface of the platinum resistance temperature sensor to detect the temperature rise in the ring gap area, so that the temperature exceeds the limit when the alarm or shutdown. Or with a small amount of liquid must be used to the inner magnetic rotor and isolation sleeve between the ring gap area and sliding bearing friction vice flush cooling, so that the medium temperature is lower than the working temperature of the permanent magnet, the inner magnetic rotor to restore magnetism.

    The third is to prevent dry friction, magnetic pump shaft breakage. CQBG type high pressure magnetic drive pump pump shaft using the material is 99% alumina porcelain, the main reason for the pump shaft breakage is, because the pump airlift, bearing dry wear and twist the shaft. When disassembling the pump for inspection, you can see that the bearings have been severely worn to prevent the pump breakage of the main approach is to avoid the airlift of the pump. Then the magnetic pump inspection to prevent the media pumping empty. In the case of the export valve closed, the pump continuous running time should not exceed 2min to prevent the magnetic drive overheating and failure. On the one hand, it will make the transfer power drop, and on the other hand, it will also cause great trouble for conveying to vaporized liquid.

    Daily maintenance of the product is certainly important to extend the service life of the machine, but more important is how the nature of the product itself. China's petrochemical industry is booming, Shanghai Lingnai magnetic pump has been practicing quality service, creating precision products, responding positively to customer needs in after-sales service, going farther and farther on the road to sustainable development, superior product quality is always the winning formula for enterprise survival, making it more market advantage.

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